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Welcome to Eye On Time Eye On Time is a web based timesheet and project management system for small and medium businesses. Any company that bills for services or performs project-oriented work can benefit from Eye On Time's timesheet system.

You can easily manage timesheet, expenses and projects with Eye On Time's timesheet system.

Eye On Time's timesheet software is built on W3C standards to ensure accessibility and browser compatibility with a variety of modern platforms.

Why use web based? Managing timesheets and projects online provides a number of benefits compared to traditional desktop based software.

Your employees can log their timesheets from any computer with an internet connection and browser.

Your project information is available at all times, from home or the office, or even your clients office.

There are no software downloads, nothing to install and you're always using the most up to date version.

Additionally, your data is professionally stored and managed with daily backups ensuring no accidents will erase your critical information.

Should you use Eye On Time? If your company bills for services or works on a project basis, then Eye On Time is ideal for you.

We currently service engineers, web developers, print and graphic artists, construction companies, lawyers, manufacturers and consultants in a variety of industries and many more.

If you're a small or medium business, every hour you work is critical to staying out of the red. Using Eye On Time to manage your timesheets and projects, you ensure that you DO bill for all of your time, every time.

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No Hidden Costs Unlike other web based timesheet companies, Eye On Time doesn't limit your features or bundle them as "optional" extras you must purchase.

Whether you're using our 30 day free trial or an existing company of ours, you get the entire system at your disposal.

As we add features, enhancements and updates to our system they are provided at no additional cost to you.

Eye On Time charges a single flat rate monthly fee, with no up-front fee, no "registration fee" or any of the other fees you may find at alternative sites.

What does our service provide? Our web based timesheet software has a huge range of features:

  • Easy, fast and flexible
  • Completely web based. All you need is a browser!
  • Powerful real-time timesheet, project and employee reports
  • Expense management and reports
  • Three levels of user access
  • Exportable timesheets and reports
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox
  • Affordable - alternatives with less features charge up to 10 times our rate